Monday, February 20, 2012

The groundhog was wrong. Are you getting ready to get out?

Do you remember some of the things you and your spouse used to do? Skiing? Kayaking? Hiking? Wine Tasting? Are those some of the ways you initially connected? You found things you both liked or were at least willing to try and you just went out and tried them. My wife and I used to camp, mt. bike and run a lot. Now… not so much. We still do those things but not as often as we used to. That doesn’t mean those things are less important. In fact, they are even more special now. Those activities are special occasions to us because of our hectic schedules. But, when we get a chance to get out together and do those things, we reconnect and enjoy the moment.

As the weather starts to break, have you begun to day dream about that first kayak excursion of the year? Are you eyeballing some campsites you’ve never been to? What about that trip that you have planned? Do you have a special adventure planned yet? More importantly are you sharing this anticipation with your spouse and inviting him/her in? Not only can you share in the activity, but share in the anticipation together, it will make it that much more fun and rewarding.

So, what are you planning? What are the big excursions you are planning to do with your spouse, just the two of you? Are you going to Hawaii to do all the things that the islands have available? Or are you heading out to some local caverns and doing some spelunking? Feel free to share some of those things in the comments. Or, if you need ideas, feel free to see what others are planning and maybe that will spark some ideas.

Have fun and get out together!

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